S. Singh & Associates provides search and analysis to our clients seeking registration of the trade mark prior to filing of the trade mark application in respective class. Every search report is accompanied by the analysis and our opinion with regard to possibility of the registering the mark. Our experience and expertise in trade mark law and systematic searching system enables us to provide infallible search report and opinion. In order to meet out the requirement of our clients we provide a range of services relating to trade marks including services relating to systemized search analysis and opinion, on trade mark registration, trade mark application prosecution, suggesting opposition, cancellation, revocation, drafting of trade mark license agreement, initiating infringement and passing off litigation and enforcements against counterfeiting activities etc. Our services are broadly as under:


  • Search & Analysis
  • Filing of Trademark Applications both Indian applications and International Application through Madrid System.
  • Watch & Searching of Trademark Journals & sending Alert.
  • Filing and Defending of opposition, Rectification and cancellation proceedings.
  • Filing and Defending Civil and/or Criminal infringement and /or passing off suit or complaint proceedings before all courts from the court of first instance to the Supreme Courts (Court of last Appeal).
  • Maintenance of Registrations of Trademarks and Renewal Services.
  • All post registration services e.g. licensing, assignment, due diligence and infringement investigations both (web & market).