S. Singh & Associates offers complete amount of services in respect of patent which includes filing of patent applications, providing consultancy and opinions with regard to patentability search, patent infringement, patent validity and preparing licensing agreements of patent and technologies. The followings are broadly the services we offer.


  • Search & Analysis, freedom to operate and Infringement Analysis, Land Escaping validity search.
  • Drafting Patent specifications in all technical fields for ordinary, PCT and convention applications.
  • Filing and prosecution of all Patent applications with Indian Patent Office, PCT and Convention applications at other countries.
  • Removing Office objections raised by both Indian Patent Office and other countries Patent Office.
  • Patent Watch (Searching of Patent Journal) and Alert services.
  • Filing and defending of opposition (both pre-grant & post-grant) proceedings.
  • Filing and Defending of Patent Litigation/ Revocation proceedings before Patent Office, IPAB (Intellectual Property Appellate Board) and High Courts or Court of Appeal.
  • Maintaining Patent Annuity /Renewal and Filing of Statement of Working of Patent.
  • Maintaining the complete portfolio of Patent and Licensing.